Friday, October 9, 2009

Deerfield Antiques Show

I just got back from setting up our booth at the Deerfield Antiques Show, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday at Deerfield Academy. I don't usually write about the many antique shows we do, but walking around that show has spurred me to post this brief blog to encourage anyone interested in antiques to stop by the show this weekend. It is a spectacular show. It isn't that big, but there is a good variety and the material that is there is just fabulous. The show is in a very pretty, but not terribly densely populated part of Massachusetts, but it is successful because people drive from a long way to come to the show. If you like quality antiques and live within a two hour drive, I highly recommend you come (you can, of course, stop by and say hello at our booth). It is supposed to be a pleasant weekend, and this part of Massachusetts is beautiful this time of year, but it is the antiques that will take your breath away. Click here for more information on the show...

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