Thursday, September 30, 2010

Philadelphia Print Shop West

Despite my best intentions, I have just been too swamped with all the things involved in setting up the new shop in Denver to be able to write any blog postings. Next week I should be able to get have a print related post, but just to get something up, I'll give a brief report on my efforts here in Denver.

We got into our new space at the beginning of September. It is a terrific space located in the Cherry Creek North section of Denver (2819 E. 2nd Ave). The previous tenant left their "slat wall" system, which isn't really our "ye olde printe shoppe" style, but it is very versatile and will work fine.

The first week or so I had to clean out the stuff that was left, get some furniture in the shop, get the walls painted, etc. etc. Then Jon arrived with the initial shipment of inventory from Philadelphia. Jon had taken our "Denver" inventory to an antique show in Minneapolis and then drove on to Denver. Long drive for Jon, but now I have inventory!

The next few weeks will involve getting print racks, plan files, unpacking and getting things ready for our grand opening. As I will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Antiques Show in late October, our grand opening won't be until November 13th. If anyone is in the Denver area, I hope you will stop by! Or if anyone has any questions about the new shop, feel free to call the new shop number at (303) 322-4757.


  1. The space is a very nice one....lots of light. Nice to see you in it! Kate O'

  2. Hi, Chris,

    You're looking good in that neighborhood. I'll be there for the 13 November opening. I promised you a list of all the AIC paper conservators in our area. Should I send that along soon, or bring it w/me at the Grand Opening?

    Best wishes. . .

    Carol O'Brien English, ASA

  3. Thanks! The signs are up and I am just waiting for the map case to be able to do the final set up. Note that the opening is now November 20th, not the 13th. I am currently driving to San Francisco for an antique show, so we've pushed things back for a week. No need for wine...

  4. Chris,

    Hi! Greetings from Cincinnati.

    I am looking for historic maps/illustrations that depicted the early extent of beaver populations in North America prior to the onset of the european fur trade.

    For example, John Mitchell's 1755 map of the British and French Dominions in North America depicts beaver ponds the size of lakes in the Maketewa Valley of present-day Southwest Ohio.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance,
    K. Larry Pyle
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    513-931-2538 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              513-931-2538      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

  5. Hello Chris,
    Nice to speak to you this morning!
    I look forward to seeing you the first week of May. I will be on the
    lookout for anything I may have of Denver.
    My website is and my blog is