Friday, March 27, 2009

Print Journals

There are quite a number of excellent academic journals on maps, but few journals at all that primarily cover antique prints. Here is a list of those currently being published.

  • Imprint
    Imprint is a biannual journal issued by the American Historical Print Collectors Society. To say simply that it is the best journal for those interested in American historical prints does not really convey how good it is. The production quality of Imprint is first rate, with full color, and the articles are always of interest, ranging from shorter notices on print topics, collections and institutions to longer articles that are well-researched and scholarly. Also included are book reviews of newly published print references. A subscription to Imprint is reason enough to join the AHPCS. An index of back issues (which are available from the AHPCS) can be found on the AHPCS web site.

  • Print Quarterly.
    The Print Quarterly is an academic journal issued quarterly in England. Well illustrated (though in black & white only), each issue contains a number of scholarly articles, followed by a few "Shorter Notices," notes, and catalogue and book reviews. The focus of the journal is mostly on fine art prints, with relatively little attention paid to American prints. Subscriptions are available in the United States and more information can be found on the Print Quarterly web site.

  • Journal of the Print World
    The Journal of the Print World is a tabloid, newspaper-style periodical issued quarterly out of New Hampshire. For over three decades the Journal has provided wide coverage of prints, with articles on exhibitions, auctions, artists, and reference books. There is information on European topics, but the focus tends to be on American prints. Both fine art and historical prints, modern and antique, are well covered. Most American print dealers, print fairs, auctions, and exhibitions are advertised in the Journal, so it is an excellent way to keep up on the world of prints, as can be seen on the Journal's web site.

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